How To Minimize Pores

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Regardless of skin type or texture, everyone can relate to visible pores. Pores are tiny hair follicle openings that cover the skin, releasing oil and debris from the sebaceous glands that lie beneath. Depending on the size of pores, the skin can become clogged or oily fairly quickly, but do not be discouraged!

Enlarged pores are a natural occurrence; the release of sweat and oil from pores is extremely beneficial to maintaining healthy skin. While many are aware of pore visibility, knowledge on how to minimize pores is not as readily available which can lead to uneven skin texture and an unbalanced moisture barrier.

For those pesky pores that seem to be in the way of a smooth appearance, here are some proven tips & tricks to minimize their visibility.

How to Minimize Pores on Nose

Due to the larger sebaceous glands located here, the nose is the area of face that has the most visible pores. However, those with oily skin have a heightened chance of enlarged pores — they can even be genetic. An inhibitor of minimized pores is clogged skin. The best way to combat the enlarged pore size on this area of the face is to ensure the skin is not congested.

One of the easiest ways to decongest and unclog pores is to have a stable cleansing routine that includes a skin-friendly cleanser both morning and night. Studies have found that actively using a cleanser can be an effective way to clear up pores.

We highly recommend our Pineapple Brightening Cleanser, as it uses natural ingredients like pineapple enzymes to effectively cleanse and gently exfoliate the skin. The gentle exfoliation is important for minimizing pores as dead skin cells can build up and clog the pores on our nose. Use this cleanser twice a day to ensure the pores on your nose do not become clogged.

How to Minimize Pores on Cheeks

Another common area that our pesky pores tend to appear is on our cheeks. These pores can appear to be larger than the pores we see on our nose and for that reason a lot of people search for ways to minimize them. Just like the pores on our nose, the pores on our cheeks can become clogged if we do not effectively cleanse our skin. So, if you are struggling with large pores on your cheeks, this is still a vital step in minimizing them.

BHA’s are an effective ingredient that you may use to minimize the size of your facial pores. BHA’s (beta-hydroxy-acids) are most commonly known as salicylic acids. These types of acids penetrate deep into your pores, de-clogging them and treating acne from the source.

While BHA’S are a great way to tend to your pores, they should be used with caution. You should not use these acids if you are allergic to aspirin or if you have sensitive skin. BHA’s also help to exfoliate the skin, which is important for removing dead surface skin cells so that they do not clog pores.

In addition to properly cleansing and exfoliating your skin, you should be properly moisturizing it to minimize the pores on your cheeks. Many who struggle with oily skin are hesitant to moisturize in fear that it will make their skin oilier.

In reality, the opposite is true. Failure to properly moisturize your skin can increase oil production, causing acne and an increase in the size of your pores. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends moisturizing daily to ensure your skin stays properly hydrated. If you are attacking your pores from all angles, you will want to use BHA’s while also effectively moisturizing.

This can be difficult as many ingredients do not mix well with BHA’s. If you decide to use BHA’s to minimize pores, we recommend using our cell hydrating serum. This ultra-hydrating serum uses Hyaluronic Acid as its base, which is safe to use with BHA’s. This combo can be extremely effective in minimizing the appearance of pores on your face.

Best Pore Minimizer

At the end of the day, there is no magic answer for how to minimize your pores. If you are struggling with the appearance of pores, the absolute best thing you can do is incorporate some of the products and ingredients we talked about above and make positive changes to your lifestyle and skincare routine. Cleansing, hydrating, and using BHA’s are all effective tools for decreasing the size of your pores, but there are also simple lifestyle changes you can make to decrease their size.

Like we mentioned before, cleansing twice a day is extremely important for decreasing the size of your pores. You should also cleanse your skin every time you produce any significant amount of sweat. After working out, long days in the sun, or any form of physical exercise you should gently cleanse your skin. If sweat builds up on your skin without being washed away after, it can clog your pores, increase their size, and result in blackheads and blemishes.

Other lifestyle changes you can make are ensuring you never sleep in makeup and always staying hydrated. The national academies of sciences, engineering, and medicine recommends 15.5 cups for men and 11.5 cups for women. Drinking enough water and staying properly hydrated helps to flush out toxins from your body and this includes your skin. Flushing out these toxins from your skin will help to decrease the size of your pores by helping to better balance the oil and water on the surface of your skin.

Minimizing pores, while difficult, can be done successfully if you incorporate the right product ingredients, enhance your skincare routine, and make some positive lifestyle changes.

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