Acne Fighting Foods

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We’ve all heard the phrase “heal from within”, but did you know this phrase may just be relevant to our skincare concerns, too? Skincare products are just one way to fight off acne, and to best combat this popular skincare concern, we should really be attacking it from all fronts.

There is evidence that supports that our diet may affect our skin, and It’s for this reason we asked our team of skincare scientists to share what types of food we should be eating if we want to combat breakouts. The healthiest skin comes from within, so to possibly increase your chances of achieving your healthiest skin, try snacking on these acne fighting foods.


Spinach is packed with Vitamins C, E, and A, all of which contain antioxidants that are great for the health of your skin. The antioxidants found in spinach fight against all types of skin problems, including acne. If you are shooting for clearer skin, be sure to eat dark leafy greens like spinach on the reg.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes are rich in Vitamin C, which helps to boost collagen and create a tightening effect on the skin. Not only does eating this sweet veggie help with preserving a youthful complexion, but it also helps with clearing the skin!

Sweet potatoes contain anthocyanins that help with preventing blemishes and dark spots by keeping free radical activity under control. Potatoes that clear our skin AND make us glow? Sign. Us. Up.

Pumpkin Seeds

Don’t wait until Halloween to snack on this tasty treat for your skin, pumpkin seeds are a skin superfood that you should be snacking on all year round! These seeds are very high in zinc, which helps maintain collagen, protects cell membranes, and promotes skin renewal.


Fatty fish like salmon do great things for our complexion. Salmon is packed with omega-3 fatty acids that are linked to reducing inflammation and puffiness and keeping skin moisturized. When you have a high level of healthy fats in your body, your skin will retain more moisture and be much less likely to break out.


Why should you be snacking on these heart-healthy nuts? They benefit our skin as much as they do our overall health. Pistachios are packed with antioxidants that decrease acne growth by controlling blood sugar levels that circle the acne causing hormone androgen.


Avocados are packed with essential healthy fats that can help to benefit the health of our skin. Not only can avocados help you achieve a clearer complexion, but studies have found that they also can help protect your skin against UV related damage.

Avocados are also full of Vitamin E, another ingredient that is great for the health of our skin. This superfood also provides 11% of our daily recommended Vitamin C. As we know, Vitamin C is vital to the health of our skin, and while we highly recommend applying it topically to achieve the best results, it’s a great vitamin to feed your insides as well! An increase of your intake of Vitamin C can help increase the production of collagen while also protecting you from the damage of free radicals. 


Looking for a new, tasty drink to sip on throughout the day? Kombucha is the way to go. Not only is it great for your gut, but it’s great for your skin, too! Kombucha can actually reduce your chances of experiencing inflammation by encouraging healthy bacteria to grow in your gut. Goodbye, inflammation, hello, clear skin!

Brazil Nuts 

We are nutty about the way brazil nuts can help lead to a clearer complexion. This type of nut is loaded with selenium, an antioxidant that is super great for reducing inflammation often associated with acne. We love them because they are the perfect effortless on-the-go snack that can easily be added to your diet!


You know how carrots have that rough outer layer on skin? Well, they may actually help to get rid of ours. Due to the potent doses of Vitamin A and beta-carotene, carrots might have the ability to act as a natural exfoliator for our skin.

They do this by increasing our skin’s cell turnover, so you could technically be getting rid of those dead skin cells without even touching your skin. They are also full of Vitamin A, and some research has found that Vitamin A deficiency could contribute to an increase in acne.

Green Tea

Another tasty liquid that our skin loves, green tea is the perfect snack to sip on when you’re working toward a clear complexion. Green Tea is ultra-hydrating, which increases cell turnover and keeps our skin soft, supple, and full of youth. When we are properly hydrated our chances of skin concerns like acne and dry skin also decrease. Green tea is also packed with acne fighting antioxidants like flavonoids and catechins.


Tomatoes are another fruit (erm, or veggie…?) that is packed full of Vitamin C. Increasing your intake of Vitamin C will do great things for your complexion. An increase in vitamin c in your diet could contribute to fighting free radicals, acne, and other skin-related concerns. So add these sweet little treats to your grocery list of acne fighting foods and watch your skin thank you.


There is some evidence that an increase of zinc in the diet can help to combat breakouts and keep your complexion nice and clear. Oysters are full of zinc, which helps the body better absorb Vitamin A- another nutrient great for the health of our skin.


If you are a vegan or vegetarian, don’t fret! You can get your acne-fighting zinc in foods other than meat and fish. Legumes are a great source of zinc for those who don’t eat meat! Chickpeas, lentils, and beans all contain a sufficient amount of zinc, so if you want to eat a complexion-healthy diet, add these acne fighters to your dinner plate.

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