What Affects Your Skin?

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Obviously, your skincare routine has a huge effect on your skin, but did you know that there is a ton of other things that also affect your skin health? Some of the things that affect our skin outside of our skincare products are more obvious.

Things like lifestyle, water intake, and sleep all affect the health of your skin. While some may not know this, if you’re in the skincare game, you’ve probably learned this by now. Outside of some of the more known factors that have an impact on our skin, there is also a list of things you probably didn’t realize are affecting your skin.

We reached out to our team of skincare scientists to ask about the hidden things in life that could be affecting our skin so that we could share those things with you!

Hair Products

Many hair products are oil-based, and when you’re spritzing your locks to give them that glossy shine, you’re probably accidentally spritzing your skin without realizing it. The buildup of hair products on our hairline clogs our pores and results in breakouts. Careful with the conditioner in the shower, too, as residue left on our shoulders and back is often the culprit of bacne.


Always brush your teeth BEFORE you wash your face to ensure that no toothpaste residue is left behind. Toothpaste residue can irritate and dry out the skin, clogging pores and causing a whirlwind of skin problems.

Salty Foods

Not only will salty foods cause you to retain more water and give you a puffy complexion, but too much salt has also been linked to an increase in breakouts. Skip the extra salt for a clearer complexion!


Not many realize facial jewelry can be negatively impacting their skin. Nickel found in some jewelry has been linked to skin irritation, so when shopping for your facial jewels, make sure you're looking for pieces that do not contain nickel.

Air Pollution

Pollution negatively impacts our skin in a variety of ways. Exposure can cause premature aging, dark spots, wrinkles, dryness, enlarged and clogged pores, and increased sensitivity. To protect your skin, use our Vitamin C Serum combined with our Cell Hydrating Serum- the two work together to reduce your chances of environmental related skin damage.

Side Sleeping

Always sleeping on the same side at night? This can cause build-up on your pillow that travels back to your complexion, clogging your pores and resulting in breakouts and other skin concerns. To avoid this, try switching it up when you sleep by rotating your sleep positions often. We know you can’t totally control this, so just wash your pillowcase regularly, your skin will thank you.


Too much of a sweet tooth can be detrimental for your skin. Eating too much sugar can exacerbate acne, dry skin, rosacea, and other skin problems. It also breaks down collagen and elastin in your skin leading to premature aging. You don’t have to completely cut out the sweets, but remember, everything in moderation!

The Window Seat

Did you know the most sought-after seat on the airplane could actually be damaging your skin? While airplane windows protect against UVB Rays, UVA Rays still shine through, and since you’re so much closer to the ozone layer in the air, the sun’s rays are even more harmful. Make sure to apply sunscreen before heading to the window seat for a long flight.


There are several studies that link too much dairy to struggles with acne. We know this is a hard one to cut out completely (we love our pizza), but if you're struggling with acne, try substituting with some non-dairy options once in a while. Almond milk is delicious!


Make sure you’re disinfecting your sunglasses often, as they can collect bacteria and cause breakouts. Also make sure you’re wearing your sunglasses, even in the winter! When we forego sunglasses we tend to squint, causing the area around our eyes to form fine lines & wrinkles.


We know the importance of a hairdo that stays but be extra careful around the hairline! Residue from hairspray is likely to cause breakouts on the forehead and along the hairline, so make sure your product is going only where you intend it.

Dips in The Pool

Whether you’re dipping in the pool to swim some laps or cool off from the sun, be cautious of how much time you’re spending in chlorine! The chemicals used to keep pools bacteria-free strip our skin of natural oils. Make sure to scrub a little extra after a swim to ensure all the chlorine is off of your skin.

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