17 Reasons YOU Should Be Using Vitamin C Serum Everyday

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Vitamin C Serum is without a doubt the Holy Grail your face has been searching for. It has SO many benefits, adding it to your skincare routine will literally change your life. We recommend using it twice a day to maximize all the amazing effects it can have on your skin. You can use it after you cleanse and tone, and before you moisturize. Okay, strap in… because we are about to tell you all of the reasons YOU should be using vitamin c serum EVERYDAY!

1. It promotes collagen production

One of the most well-known and greatest benefits of Vitamin C Serum is that is boosts collagen production. Having low levels of collagen can lead to fine lines and wrinkles, and collagen levels naturally decrease over time. Due to its antioxidant properties, when Vitamin C serum is applied topically the boost in collagen can help to FILL these fine lines and wrinkles. This can leave you with results that would normally require expensive plastic surgery! Vitamin C serum is a great way to achieve more youthful looking skin NATURALLY.

2. It hydrates the skin

Vitamin C Serum has been shown to decrease transepidermal water loss. Its ability to do this allows for your skin to better retain moisture.  The serum also contains a high concentration of vitamins and minerals that soak into your skin when applied topically. Vitamin C Serum can be used alone as a moisturizer, or, you can combine it with a heavier moisturizer to maximize its hydrating effects. Trust us, your skin will be smoother than ever.

3. Vitamin C Serum brightens the skin

Strong concentrations of Vitamin C leave the skin looking replenished and revitalized. When used religiously, Vitamin C Serum can reduce the appearance of dull skin by giving it a healthy, youthful glow.

4. It can reduce redness

Vitamin C serum has been proven to even out skin tones, reducing redness in unwanted areas. By reducing redness of the skin, the skin tone is smoothed out creating a more even complexion.

5. It has been shown to reduce inflammation

This benefit is perfect for those of us that wake up with puffy under eye circles. When Vitamin C Serum contains a high enough concentration of Vitamin C, it has been proven to reduce inflammation. Say goodbye to those puffy eyes!

6. Vitamin C Serum can help fade hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is a term used to describe darker patches of skin. This discoloration occurs when melanin is overproduced in certain areas of the skin. Common types of hyperpigmentation are sunspots, age spots, or patches of darker skin where acne has healed. Vitamin C Serum has been shown to impede melanin production.  Due to this ability, Vitamin C Serum can help to reduce dark spots and even out the skins complexion.

7. Vitamin C Serum can provide relief for sunburns

We’ve all done it before.. spent a little bit too much time in the sun without re-applying our sunscreen. Dealing with sunburns can be a pain. They are bright red, itchy, and a lot of the time they end with flakey dead skin falling off of your face… YUCK!

Don’t worry, though, Vitamin C Serum is here to help! Next time you have a little too much fun in the sun, try applying Vitamin C Serum. The high concentration of vitamins found in the serum will speed up the healing process and provide relief for redness and itching. It can also reduce the risk of peeling by providing the skin some essential moisture.

8. Vitamin C Serum can reduce under eye circles

We can’t all get our 8 hours every single night. Whether we wake up exhausted from a long night of working or a long night out (or maybe both), under eye circles have a drastic effect on our appearance. Sure, we can slap some concealer under our eyes, but a lot of the time concealer doesn’t completely do the trick, and by doing this we are simply masking the problem of our tired eyes, not fixing it.

When using Vitamin C Serum everyday, make sure you are also applying it underneath the eye where circles would normally appear. The collagen found in Vitamin C Serum works to reduce the lines that are found under tired eyes. Vitamin C Serum also creates brighter skin, brightening the dark, discolored area underneath the eye to diminished dark circles. In addition, by improving skin hydration, Vitamin C Serum will firm the skin around the eyes, preventing it from sagging and creating the appearance of dark circles.

9. It keeps the skin youthful

As we mentioned earlier, Vitamin C Serum promotes collagen production, which prevents wrinkles from forming, while also helping to diminish the appearance of wrinkles that are already there. But, this isn’t the only way that Vitamin C Serum keeps the skin looking youthful. By evening out your skin tone and creating a brighter complexion, the serum helps your skin achieve a lasting youthful glow. In addition, the essential Vitamins provided to your skin by vitamin C serum make certain that the skin is nourished and hydrated. When our skin is properly nourished and hydrated, it is much less likely that wrinkles will begin to form.

This shouldn’t just be a concern of those approaching old age, either. The best way to get rid of wrinkles is by preventing them all together. In other words, the earlier you start using Vitamin C Serum, the better. If you add Vitamin C Serum to your skincare routine at a younger age, you will be much less likely to develop early signs of aging.

10. It doesn’t break the bank!

While the totally and completely overpriced Vitamin C Serum does exist…. There are plenty of Vitamin C Serums that can be found for under $50 that are EQUALLY as effective as those that are overpriced. Serums are generally more expensive due to the higher concentration of vitamins and nutrients they contain, but Vitamin C Serum won’t totally break your bank account. While it might be a little pricier than lotions and creams that claim to contain Vitamin C, these products don’t contain a high enough concentration of Vitamin C to be as effective as a serum is. Even when used daily, one Vitamin C Serum can last up to 3 months, so it’s totally worth the money you are spending!

11. It doesn’t make your skin oily

A lot of serums on the market are extremely heavy. This can make it difficult to use those serums in the morning and go about your day. Heavier serums can also build up and clog your pores, causing breakouts. With Vitamin C Serum, this isn’t something you have to worry about. Vitamin C Serum is much lighter than typical serums and moisturizers, making it perfect to use in the morning. It goes on great under makeup, and it doesn’t clog your pores so you don’t have to worry about those dreaded breakouts.  In fact……

12. Vitamin C Serum reduces the appearance of blemishes

Due to the healing properties found in Vitamin C Serum, it can actually help to speed up the healing process of a blemish. Vitamin C is an anti-inflammatory, so while it is working to clear up blemishes, it also helps to reduce the redness associated with them. For this reason, Vitamin C Serum is a great way to moisturize if you have acne prone skin.

13. It fits perfectly into any skincare routine

Already have a skincare routine you swear by? That’s fine because Vitamin C Serum works GREAT when layered with other products! While there are some mixtures you will want to avoid, (for example avoid products with Niacinimide), as long as you apply your products from loweset to highest PH level, Vitamin C Serum will mix in great! Some ingredients that Vitamin C Serums work best with are peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, and b5! When adding Vitamin C Serum into a pre-exisiting skincare routine, you will want to use it after you cleanse and tone, and before you moisturize.

14. There are different types of Vitamin C Serums

There are many different kinds of derivatives of Vitamin C that are found in Vitamin C Serums, including ascorbic acid, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, sodium ascorbyl phosphate, and L-asorbic acid. This means that if one form of Vitamin C Serum is irritating to your skin, you can try another form and it will likely work out better. Though, from extensive trial and research, we have found sodium ascorbyl phosphate to be the most effective and least irritating form of Vitamin C.

15. It is 100% natural!

Vitamin C is a natural ingredient that our body needs to be properly nourished. When  it comes to reducing fine lines and wrinkles, it is much more natural than ingredients like retinol. Just be sure when you are shopping for Vitamin C Serum that you choose one that includes all natural ingredients, as sometimes companies will sneak in nasty chemicals into the formula.

16. Vitamin C Serums usually contain other helpful ingredients

One example of this is Hyaluronic Acid. Like Vitamin C Serum, Hyaluronic acid moisturizes skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and has many healing properties for the skin. When used in conjunction with Vitamin C, all of the great benefits are maximized. This is why its best to look for a vitamin C Serum that includes Hyaluronic Acid. Another ingredient that maximizes the effects of Vitamin C is Beta Glucan. Beta Glucan promotes collagen production, skin healing, and stops premature aging, so make sure you are looking for this ingredient in your Vitamin C Serum as well!

17. Receive 12% off!

Still not convinced? With promo code Boss12 you can receive this Vitamin C Serum for 20% off! This Vitamin C Serum contains the ingredients we talked about earlier that are vital for an effective serum, Hyaluronic Acid and Beta Glucan. It also uses the most effective and least irritating form of Vitamin C, sodium ascorbyl phosphate. This vitamin c serum is also all natural! The DermaBoss Vitamin C Serum doesn’t sneak in any nasty chemicals into the formula, so you can be sure that all of the ingredients you are using on your skin are as safe as they are effective.

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